Wednesday, September 20, 2017

4G Technology from Indonesia

4 G Technology Still Can't Access to Remote Area

4G Technology already present in Indonesia on the form as wireless Internet broadband WiMax. 4G technologies already exist in Indonesia after 3G technology being sold in the market, on year 2005.

Smartphone with using 4G technology already spread over the world know, known by using this technology internet cost will down but until now this technology still don't use optimal. Because 4G technology still can't access to the remote area, so smartphone can't use in this area.

New network transmitting technology
4 G Technology

Founder of 4G technology is from Indonesia, Prof. Khoirul Anwar. This technology already patented by him as the 4G technology based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). He is graduated from ITB of Electronics Department on the year of 2000. He is also accepting IEEE Best Student Paper Award of IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) 2006, di California.

The principle of 4G base OFDM technology work by lessens the transmission power to make raising transmission data. Transmission power is lessen to 5dB or five times smaller than the previous technology, the result transmission data speed is increased. At the time being he still work as assistant professor in JAIST – Japan.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Automobile Engineering Course

The first step of Cars Engineering

On the course of automobile engineering, student will study of how to design, how to develop, and how to repair automobile parts. The market demand of knowledge in automobile industry is growing with the expansion and increasing demand for vehicle. By intense to the environmental need of free from pollution and fuel efficiency uses, every engineers also set to a standard of quantities, for example how to build the car Euro efficient.

The qualified engineer in automobile engineering include of development like construction, calculation and testing), priming of work, fabrication and observation of the vehicle function, include the safety and equipped with many accessories that base on the resources and economic intense.

According to the priority of the study, engineer should have engineering activities like developing the body, body design, commercial and special vehicles of design of motors and transmissions.

To be an automobile engineer person should have a BE or technical degree. The educational background able from electrical or mechanical then continue for specialization in automobile engineering in postgraduate level. Diploma holder can take AMIE examination to be at par of the degree holder.

The employment available for automobile engineer will work in automobile industry, in maintenance and service, assembling, or car repair and maintenance. Currently Industry need more high qualified post graduate, like must have computer skill to design automobile or use computer to analyze the car condition.

Automobile engineer also required be able to design a car with an attractive appearance but with the body structure and a strong engine but with a cheap price. This condition is caused by strictly automobile market on this world.

The example of first design of Chrysler car as on picture below:

Chrysler Car Engineering

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Engineering Matter

On engineering matter look like just involve in science and technology environment as per devinition on the last article, Engineering Base. The definistion itself of engineering as follows: Engineering is everything that deals with the design and building of machines, devices, and structures. It is among the oldest of professions, although until perhaps the 18th century it was rarely distinguished from that of the scientist, the inventor, or the builder. In fact the histories of technology, science and engineering were intertwined for many centuries, technology being in a sense the product of engineering, and science (the development of theories to explain natural phenomena) of ten being based on the empirical evidence supplied by the builder of machines and structures.

So for people who interest on house design can just search for how to design house, and for people interest in how to look or design car can see on the automobile design. For people who interest in computer software should look in computer technology, and for people that is interested in Electronic can look to electronic knowledge.

Right know engineering also develop on management area such as reengineering management, that deal with the management system improvement on certain company. Engineering now can grow in many knowledge discipline not just in technical area such as the early definition but also in art and social area.

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Engineering In Ancient World

The invention of efficient tools and basic processes was the necessary first step in the development of engineering. By the time of the Egyptian empires, early machine tools such as the lathe were already in use; metal smelting, metalworking, and casting process had beed developed; and such basic devices as the windless, andless chain, and bellows were widely employeed. The pyramids and other early monumental structures attest to a highly developed knowledge of quarrying and construction techninques.

The Greeks were talented inventors of mechanical devices, and many of their designs prefigure machines developed centuries later. Hero of Alexandria devised two types of heat engines, one for opening the doors of a temple, the other simply a mechanical toy. Hero was the first to study and classify the types of mechanical force, and his categories of simple machines, the lever, wedge, pulley, wheel, and axle, formed the basic of mechanical engineering.

The waterwheel appeared in the 4th century BC. A machine whose power was not provided by men or animals. It may be called the first true prime mover. Two centuries later, the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes studied the mechanics of solid bodies immersed in fluids, one of the first scientific studies of natural phenomena.

The Romans, while not so inventive as the Greeks, nevertheles adopted and improved on Greek devices, using them in the construction of the great works, roads, aqueducts, edifices, that marked their empire. Vitruvius's 10-Volume De architectura (1st century AD) was a compendium of Roman engineering practice.

In its inventive abilities ancient China was easily the equal of Greece, but many centuries were to pass before such oriental devices as the windmill and the double piston bellows, and the wheelbarrow reached the Western world.

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